Simple tips to over come a concern about dating, particularly when you are a virgin

Simple tips to over come a concern about dating, particularly when you are a virgin

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Concern: Dear Tanya, we am anxious about dating when I have always been within my 30s but still a virgin. I’ve never ever had a relationship and just kissed individuals a few times following a complete large amount of liquor had been consumed. How to over come my fear and begin dating?

Solution: within my work we meet individuals who are really troubled they have perhaps perhaps not lost their virginity.

They have progressively anxious over the years plus they remain either dateless or intimately inexperienced.

This varies from people within their teens that are late as much as individuals inside their 50s and past.

Firstly, am I able to say — there’s nothing incorrect to you. We are now living in a global that emphasises intercourse and sexual intercourse, and that could make individuals who are perhaps not intimately active or extremely intimate feel like they’ve been some type of freak or misfit.

This is simply not the instance at all. There are lots of individuals who, through either scenario or choice, end up in this place.

It is critical to keep in mind that it’s not just you in the slightest. Inspite of the focus on intercourse in the current world, there are plenty reasons individuals are without having any intimate experience.

Meet Tanya Koens

Clinical and sexologist that is somatic relationship counsellor Tanya Koens answers your concerns on those tricky dilemmas a lot of us expertise in (and outside) the sack.


Many people decide they wish to keep intercourse as one thing for wedding or perhaps a committed relationship.

In a lot of instances their cultural or beliefs that are religious this. There clearly was practically nothing incorrect with this specific at all. Continue reading