10 things you should know before selling or buying an equestrian home

10 things you should know before selling or buying an equestrian home

Barbed wire should never be properly used on an equestrian home — several of the most gruesome injuries we have actually ever seen were whenever a horse got tangled in barbed cable and panicked.

6. Ride down?

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This is certainly one category that causes more problems for the listing representative than any associated with the others. Drive away is the word employed by equestrians to denote if there are riding tracks or areas from the home which are permitted for equestrian usage.

We frequently see agents remark: “Miles of tracks!” Unless there clearly was a general public park next door that enables equestrian use, usually do not state you are able to drive on other people’s home. With additional obligation and concern with legal actions, less and less landowners that are private enabling individuals to ride on the properties.

The client will not be at all happy if the first-time they take Mr. Ed on a leisurely path trip through their neighbor’s acreage they get shot at for trespassing.

7. Discover what the area areas are constructed with

Horses have actually incredibly delicate tendons and ligaments inside their legs, and should they tear or rupture one, it could be a profession ending, or even a deadly, damage. Continue reading