Migrating Paltalk to a jailed Virtual Machine emulation with Xubuntu and Virtualbox

Migrating Paltalk to a jailed Virtual Machine emulation with Xubuntu and Virtualbox

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Every month or two I would get complaints from my mother about how slow her computer ran. How it had been freezing and dropping the internet connection. Every few months I would personally locate a slew of Trojans and random malware on the computer. Her Norton Anti Virus license expired and so I installed AVG. Things were okay again.

Few months later I was called by her once again. The computer had been said by her was incredibly slow again. I discovered a “slick” piece of malware this time by the name of Antivirus professional 2009. This program would pretend it in fact was a genuine anti virus and firewall device. It had hijacked her net connection. It would inform the consumer of a detected virus it found and would demand $$$ to get rid of it. AVG did not get it and SpyBot had no fortune along with it either. This was the last straw for me personally. I became planning to reformat her computer and instead install Ubuntu.

The only problem was that she actually is an element of the Paltalk community. Palltalk is a chat client which she makes use of to all her friends with. Palltalk provides moderated stations where individuals can play their music with their buddies. It features a very big community. Palltalk is a windows only system though and I also was at for a surprise of how challenging this is likely to be. We dedicated a time to rebuild her computer and i also was down.

Computer specs 512 Mb RAM3000 Sempron AMD processorOnboard video card with shared ram

We stripped certainly one of my machines that are old bumped the computer to 1Gb of RAM and plugged in an ATI Radeon 9600 AGP video card I had laying around. Continue reading