Why everyone’s saying ‘Black Girls are Magic’

Why everyone’s saying ‘Black Girls are Magic’

CaShawn Thompson, right, and friends pose aided by the “Black Girls are Magic” tops she designed.

It’s been almost 2 yrs since CaShawn Thompson told the globe that black colored girls are “magic.”

Yet not we have all gotten the message.

Not very very long ago, main-stream news outlets posted pieces saying that Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis and tennis star Serena Williams don’t fit the “classic” or “ideal” pictures of femininity and beauty. Feminista Jones, a prominent feminist author, has stated that she actually is “attacked for a day-to-day basis” online with derogatory and threatening communications.

However the negativity stretches beyond superstars and general public numbers, impacting numerous black colored females of most many years. Michelle Obama had been frank about it in a message in the “Black Girls Rock!” honors in March , whenever she stated that young black girls frequently heard “voices that tell you that you need to look a specific method, work a specific way; that in the event that you speak up, you’re too noisy; in the event that you step up to lead, you’re being bossy. that you’re not adequate enough,”

Thompson, who tweets at thepbg , but, is encouraged by the women that are black persevere not surprisingly adversity. On her behalf, their achievements are like “magic.”

“I state ‘magic’ since it’s something which people don’t always comprehend,” Thompson said in a phone interview utilizing the days. Continue reading