Gender Identity does not exist Explaining Transgender 3

Gender Identity does not exist Explaining Transgender 3

Into the West, both ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’ activists have invested 50 years trying to persuade us all that sexual orientation and so-called ‘gender identification’ are two completely split things, but it is a lie. The reality is that men become girly to attract guys and girls become manly to attract females. That’s all there is to it.

Ah, you say, how about those ‘transgender’ women that are interested in women? Just What about that then?

Lisa Lawer before and after

These are as much informed by their libido, but in this case, their attraction is to on their own, as females, this really is called autogynephilia. It is defined as ‘a man’s propensity to become sexually stimulated at the thought or image of himself being a girl.’

They appear to be women because they’re the women of these very own ambitions — well, erotic fantasies, anyhow. Unsurprisingly, they retain a heteronormative male attraction to females. (You can’t be autogynephilic without being gynephilic first.)

Masculine Gays?

Perchance you scream in desperation, ‘What about masculine men that are gay? I’m sure We met one as s n as!’ It is a purpose of social intolerance. Continue reading